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Save Money, Rent Moving Boxes for Your Move

There are two definite's when it comes to moving.

  1. Moving is definitely time-consuming.

  2. Moving is definitely expensive.

I wrote about how renting boxes can save you time in this blog here. Today I'm going to tell you how it saves you money as well.

Ok, first thing first. If you're the type of person who searches high and low for used boxes behind Sams Club or networks with newly moved neighbors, you've got us beat. Nothing is cheaper than free.

But if you buy new cardboard boxes from your moving company or Uhaul or Home Depot. Well, we can definitely beat that.

1) Renting boxes is cheaper than buying boxes

I compared our two-bedroom moving package to the two-bedroom package Home Depot sells here, but I'll give you the TLDR as well.

​Simply Box'd

Home Depot

40 Boxes

44 Boxes



128 cubic feet

117 cubic feet

$1.39/cubic foot

$1.95/cubic foot

On top of the price difference, you'll need to get the boxes home. Now I know that cardboard is broken down and flat but you don't really know how hard it is to load a car up with that many boxes until you try it. Plus, that's just for a two-bedroom move.

2) Rented boxes are picked up so you don't have to dispose of them

One aspect of moving we all seem to forget is the clean-up after. We're left with a bunch of cardboard and packing materials that max our trash and recycling bins instantly.

You can drive all the recycling to a recycling center which may take you a couple of trips. I recently recycled an outdoor furniture box and it took me two trips in my Subaru Crosstrek.

Another option is to hire someone to pick up the boxes or get a roll-off dumpster dropped off. Those options will run you $100-$300 depending on where you're at. Look up your local 1-800 Got Junk or Bin There Dump That to check their prices.

Renting boxes negates the need the dispose of anything. All of the boxes are picked up by us at the end of your move and we'll even recycle the packing paper we supplied you as well. It's like the period at the end of your moving sentence.

3) Your things are less likely to break in a plastic box

Although the aforementioned savings are a more direct way of saving money, there are other secondary money-saving benefits that renting boxes offers.

Here's the scenario. You've just loaded up your grandmother's china in a specifically "sturdy" cardboard box. The movers load it in the truck while taking note of the fragile items in the box. They don't stack anything on top of it so as to not crush it.

While they're driving their truck to your new home something comes loose in the back. It's a sports bag with a 16lbs bowling ball in it. The movers put it on top of a dresser and didn't secure it properly.

One left turn and now that bag is securely inside a different box. How convenient. Not for all the china that's now being used as porcelain packing peanuts, but for the bowling ball it's super comfy.

This sounds like a crazy impossible scenario, right? This is a real story one of our customers told me when I asked why they rented from us! Anything can happen I guess...

Our boxes are hard plastic that takes over 100lbs of weight on them. So that bowling bag would have bounced right off.

Now I'm not saying that if you put something in one of our boxes it's impossible to break. I've never tested it but I bet if you put some plates in our box and throw it off a bridge the plates probably won't survive. They might! As I said, I've never actually tested it. If you try it let me know.

4) Movers move quicker with reusable boxes

Moving companies charge by the hour. If it takes longer for them to move your stuff, you pay more.

There are different types of services movers offer along with loading and unloading a truck. They can move boxes, move just the heavy stuff, or completely pack, move and unpack your whole house.

Regardless of what they're doing for you using sturdy plastic boxes with flip lid tops will save them a ton of time.

Let's say they're packing your kitchen. They can build a cardboard box, put your plates in it and then tape the top-up. Or they can put your plates in a reusable box and close the lid.

Using a reusable box probably saves them around a minute per box, but if they're using 100 boxes, that makes a difference. Some may say that renting boxes could pay for itself. Hmm... I joke, but only slightly!

Now let's say that you packed yourself and the movers just have to load and unload a truck. They'll still be faster with rented moving boxes.

Even if they just need to get a dolly, pick up a stack of boxes and load them into a truck. Why? Because our boxes stack easier and more uniformly. This means that they spend less time playing Tetris and more time loading the truck.

Then let's not forget about that whole breaking down aspect of the boxes. After our boxes are unpacked they just need to be neatly stacked in the corner until they're picked up. No one will need to spend time breaking them down or disposing of them.

Should you rent moving boxes?

Renting reusable moving boxes is a great alternative to buying cardboard boxes. It's more convenient, time-saving, and less expensive.

You can view our rental packages here, and if you have any questions about renting just give us a call. We're at 720-919-2597. I'm the owner Mike, and I'll most likely pick up the phone to answer any questions you have!


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