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Take the stress
out of moving

Why deal with all the hassle of building boxes and taping them up just to have the bottom fall out?


With Simply Box’d you get clean, sturdy reusable moving boxes so you never have to run to the store to get more tape!

We deliver sturdy, stackable moving boxes to your current home and pick them up from your new home. Our packages come with recyclable packing paper, labels, and box dollies to help make your move quick and easy!

Need boxes quick? No problem! Although we do appreciate some time to get your order together we do offer delivery within 1-3 days (depending on availability) so you can start packing ASAP.


Save Money!

Renting reusable moving boxes leaves more money in your pocket! Not only can the cost of cardboard boxes and packing tape be eliminated, but the quicker you can complete your move the more money you save on truck rentals and moving crews.


Save Time!

Building boxes takes time, especially when tape guns go missing on you. By cutting this step out of your process, you have more time to focus on tasks that pop up while moving like organizing, deciding what to donate, or shopping for new furniture. Renting reusable moving boxes also keeps you from wasting time either trying to give away your cardboard moving boxes or trying to break them down to fit in storage.


Save The Environment!

Simply Box’d helps you get settled into your new home while also producing zero waste! Zero waste actions in our day-to-day lives get us one step closer to a happier, healthier planet. Keep your recycling bin ready for action and free of enormous cardboard boxes with our eco-friendly moving solutions.

Remaining To-Do's On Your List.

Cleaning your home before moving?

Here are our favorite dumpster rental companies:

Bin There Dump That

- Fort Collins

- Longmont

- Denver West /Arvada

Denver South / Aurora

- Colorado Springs

Need help moving or packing?

Here are our favorite moving/packing companies:


Free Range Movers 

   Amazing customer service 

   with over 100 5-Star reviews!

Headband Movers

   An awesome local moving

   company for moves

   around Denver!

Onward Organizing

   Have your new space

   professionally organized!

Not moving within Colorado?

Check out our list of reusable moving box rentals in other states!

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