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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your boxes cleaned and sanitized?

Yes! Our boxes are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected before every delivery. We understand that you're placing your personal items in our boxes which is why we hold our cleaning process to a very high standard.

How much can the boxes hold?

Our boxes are about 3 cubic feet or 22.5 gallons. They can hold 12 pairs of shoes or 20 plates and 40 bowls or 50+ dog toys and can hold up to 50 lbs. Dimensions are 27.3”L x 17.2”W x 12.6”H.

What if I need more boxes?

No problem! If you need more boxes just let us know and we can usually get out to you the next day. Additional boxes are $3 per box per week.

Is renting really cheaper than buying cardboard boxes?

Yes, renting reusable moving boxes is cheaper than buying cardboard boxes. We compared our two bedroom moving kit to a big box brand's two bedroom moving kit here.

How many boxes will I need to move?

We've found these numbers work for the majority of moves but if you're a minimalist or a collector the amount of boxes you require may differ.

One-bedroom home - 20 boxes

Two-bedroom home - 40 boxes

Three-bedroom home - 60 boxes

Four-bedroom home - 80 boxes

Five-bedroom home - 100 boxes


If you find that you need more boxes just give us a call and we'll be happy to bring them! Additional boxes run for $3 per box per week.

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