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7 Ways Renting Reusable Moving Boxes Saves You Time

If you're anything like me, you've spent way too much time packing and moving from one place to another.

The process always seems to be the same. Look online for cheap or free used boxes, race to someone's house hoping to be the first to grab them, then eventually end up buying new boxes from Home Depot or Lowes.

Running around Denver hoping to find boxes is just one of the many ways cardboard wastes our time. To show you how much time is being wasted we've put together a list of 7 ways renting reusable moving boxes can save you time vs using traditional cardboard boxes.

1. No need to pick up boxes anywhere

As I mentioned before I've personally spent way too much time driving around to get used boxes that may or may not fall apart on me in the middle of a move. It's not a very efficient way to spend time when there's a big move to prepare for.

Now, with Simply Box'd, I can get boxes, packing paper, labels, and other packing supplies delivered right to my home when I'm ready for them. I can take the time I would have spent on preparing to pack and use it to do one or two of the million other tasks that also need to be done.

No more racing to someone's house or running to the store the grab a bunch of cardboard.

2. No need to build or tape boxes

It takes roughly 45-60 seconds to build and tape a box if you're racing. Yes, we raced. And that's if you don't lose the tape gun or get a box cut in the process.

If you live in a one-bedroom apartment you would spend approximately 30 minutes just building and taping the boxes you need to pack. I know that doesn't seem like a lot of time, but there are two things to think about.

1) That time increases if you live in a larger house.

2) Even if it's only half an hour isn't there something else you could do for your move that would be a little more beneficial?

Reusable moving boxes come pre-built and ready to go. The only thing you need to do now is to take one off the stack, put some stuff in it, and put it to the side.

No building, no taping, just easy.

3. Stacking them in a moving truck is super easy

We've had so many customers tell us how awesome it is that our boxes stack so nicely in a moving truck. Our boxes have saved extra trips, spills, and the overall nonsense cardboard boxes can create.

Our boxes are built to stack on top of each other no matter what you have in them. A box can have nothing but pillows in it and you'll still be able to stack 6 or more full boxes on top of it. This makes organizing a moving truck extremely easy!

An added benefit of stackability and durability is not having to worry about anything getting crushed. Our boxes can hold up to 60 lbs each and have a stackable weight of 200 lbs. So unless you're thinking about putting your weight set on top of your wine glasses you have nothing to worry about!

4. Moving them takes less time

Want to know what would make moving cardboard boxes super easy? If they all had sturdy, built-in handles to hold onto.

I know that most cardboard boxes do have some sort of handle built into them, but if you pack a box too tight or accidentally tape over the hole they're useless, but I will concede that they are there.

The great thing about reusable moving boxes is that they all come with handles on the outside which makes picking them up easier on you. You won't need to dig your fingers into the side of a box to get the handles to pop in or leverage yourself into weird positions to get a hand under the box ever again.

Just bend and snap!

5. Unpacking takes less time

Not having to use tape isn't just a benefit for packing a box, it helps when unpacking a box as well. With a taped-up box, you'll either need a knife or you'll need to pick at the tape to get it off, either of which takes more time than simply opening a lid.

You also won't need a trash bag nearby to toss all the tape into. This one saves time and reduces waste!

6. No breaking down boxes

Building boxes also means breaking down boxes. Which means time spent doing something other than organizing your new space or setting up your new home.

We just recently had a customer who ended up in urgent care after attempting to break down a couple of cardboard boxes she had.

She was cutting the tape off the bottom when she slipped and got her finger. Fortunately for her, she only had five or so boxes to break down, but the odds of this happening increases the more cardboard boxes you have. With reusable moving boxes, the chances of this happening are zero.

Reusable moving boxes can be stacked neatly out of the way after they've been unpacked. No need to cut tape or make a messy pile in your garage.

Just unpack and put it to the side.

7. No need to dispose of boxes at the end

One of the worst parts about using cardboard boxes is trying to dispose of them properly and in a timely manner. Nothing is worse than filling up your recycling bin week after week until you finally get rid of all your boxes after two months!

With Simply Box'd you don't need to worry about getting rid of your boxes at all. They're simply picked up when you've finished unpacking. We'll even recycle the packing paper we supply and any cardboard you may have used as well.

You might be thinking, does this really save me that much time? To be honest, each step probably won't save you that much but it's all about making the whole process quicker and when you add everything up you'll be surprised to find that hours were saved.

If you're moving around Denver and looking for local businesses that will de-stress your move check out our post here.

If you'd like to rent reusable moving boxes for your move you can do so by clicking the link below!

If you're not in Colorado you can check out our list of reusable moving box businesses around the country here.


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