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Are Reusable Moving Boxes Safe?

Short answer, yes.

Reusable moving boxes are a great alternative to cardboard boxes. They don't need to be built, they won't fall apart on you mid-move and they're much easier to carry and stack.

In this post, we explain how they are also the safer alternative.

Moving around Colorado? Have reusable moving boxes delivered to your current home and picked up from your new home.

1. You won't need to use a blade to unpack them

Taping a box shut usually means cutting it open.

We recently had a customer who had a couple of Amazon boxes she saved for her move. Unfortunately, she ended up in urgent care because of those boxes.

At the end of her move, she was breaking down the 3 cardboard boxes she saved. She was cutting the tape on the bottom when she slipped and got her hand.

She told us her entire move went smooth until the very end when she was just trying to clean up those boxes.

2. Reusable moving boxes are less likely to tip when stacked

"They were easy to stack empty or full" - Maggie

Reusable moving boxes are built to be stacked safely no matter what they have inside.

Their interlocking design means they won't slide off of each other while stacked.

3. Your items won't fall out of the bottom

Have you ever picked up a cardboard box to then see all the contents of said box in a pile by your feet?

Yeah, me too.

A great thing about reusable moving boxes is that they have a closed bottom. Which means everything in the box, stays in the box.

This is especially beneficial when it comes to heavier items that might overpower tape. Or fragile items that you want to make sure survive the move.

4. They stay in place while moving

The last thing you want is for an avalanche of boxes to fly out of the truck when you open the door.

The fact that reusable moving boxes stack better helps. They can also be tied down easier, keeping them in place while they're en route to your new home.

Traditional cardboard boxes can't be strapped down super tight otherwise they'll just crumble.

5. Your items are less likely to break

Using sturdy moving boxes protects your personal belongings better.

You won't open a box to find that fifty percent of your plates got smashed because the mover put the box of collectible river rocks on top of it.

You can have a completely empty box on the bottom of a stack and all the air in that box would be perfectly comfortable.

Tips on how to safely use reusable moving boxes

While reusable moving boxes are safer than cardboard there are still some things you want to keep in mind to lower the chances of an accident.

1. Don't stack reusable moving boxes over your head

It's harder to tip over a stack but that doesn't mean it's impossible. The last thing you want is for a tower of your things to fall on you.

To avoid this, don't stack boxes higher than your head.

This makes it easier to get them off the sack as well.

2. Wearing gloves might not be a bad idea

We like to wear gloves when handling the boxes for a couple of reasons.

The main reason is that gloves give us better grip on the boxes so we don't drop them.

But they're also nice when it's cold because the boxes can get pretty cold as well.

3. Watch where you're rolling them on the dolly

The last tip I'll leave you with isn't aimed toward the boxes, but rather the roller cart we supply with them.

You can definitely tip over a stack of boxes of you are trying to move too fast and hit a curb or rock.

Take it easy (especially when you're outside) and all of your items will get to your new home safely.

Interested in using reusable moving boxes for your move?

If you're moving around Colorado we can probably help you out. We service the front range from Castle Rock to Berthoud and for an additional charge will go as far as Monument and Fort Collins. See our pricing.

If you're moving around a different state check out our list of reusable moving box rental businesses around the US.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reusable Moving Boxes

How clean are reusable moving boxes?

Very! Our boxes are cleaned and sanitized between every rental. We understand that you are placing your personal and valuable possessions in our boxes, and for this reason, hold our cleaning process to a very high standard.

How big are reusable moving boxes?

Simply Box'd currently offers one size box with the dimensions of 27.3" x 17.2" x 12.6".

How long can I rent reusable moving boxes?

Our packages can be rented anywhere from two weeks to four weeks. If you need a rental period longer than this, we'd be happy to discuss our additional weekly rates over the phone, just give us a ring at 720-919-2597.

How many reusable moving boxes will I need to move?

For a one-bedroom home, we've seen that 20 boxes tend to be the ideal number. From there 40 boxes takes care of a two-bedroom home and then 60 boxes for a three-bedroom home. Within the checkout process, we provide customers with the opportunity to customize their order in terms of rental duration, number of dollies, and amount of packing paper.

Check out the packages we offer for details. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 720-919-2597 to talk to a packing consultant that would be happy to work through the details of your move to figure out the ideal package for your needs.


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