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Reusable moving box company near me

Reusable moving boxes are a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while moving. Also, using sturdy plastic moving boxes with attached lids just makes your move and your life much easier and less stressful!

How much do reusable moving boxes cost?

Packages and businesses vary in pricing, but at Simply Box'd you can expect to pay between $1.50 and $2.50 per box per week. Even the priciest reusable moving box companies rarely run over $3 per box per week.

Is there a reusable moving box company near me?

We've compiled a list of reusable moving box companies across the county. Just scroll to your state to see local reusable moving box companies in your area! If you know of a reusable moving box rental company that we missed let us know and we'll add it!

  • Arizona

- Green Bin (Phoenix)

  • California

- ZippGo (Bay Area)

- RentAMovingBox (Los Angeles / Orange County / San Diego)

- A-Smart-Move (San Diego)

  • Colorado

- Simply Box'd (Castle Rock / Denver / Boulder / Loveland / Fort Collins)

  • District of Colombia

  • Florida

- Bungo Box (Jacksonville / Longwood / Oakland Park)

  • Georgia

- Tagg A Box (Atlanta)

  • Idaho

- Frog Box (Boise)

  • Illinois

- Redi-Box (Chicago)

  • Indiana

- bin-it (Indianapolis)

  • Kansas

- Box This Up (Wichita)

  • Maryland

- Eco-Box it (Baltimore)

- Bungo Box (Baltimore)

  • Massachusetts

- Box Save (Boston)

  • Michigan

- (Detroit)

  • Missouri

- STL Rent A Box (St. Louis)

  • New Jersey

- EZBins (Northern New Jersey)

- bin-it (North Bergen)

  • New York

- EZBins (NYC)

- boxup (NYC)

- Gorilla Bins (NYC)

  • North Carolina

- Lend A Box (Raleigh)

- Green Tree Crates (Raleigh)

  • Oregon

- Redi-Box (Portland)

- Go Green Box (Bend)

  • Pennsylvania

- bin-it (Philadelphia)

  • Tennessee

- RPM Boxes (Knoxville)

- bin-it (Nashville)

  • Texas

- Bungo Box (Dallas-Fort Worth)

  • Utah

- King Tote (Salt Lake City)

  • Virginia

- Lend A Box (Arlington)

- Bungo Box (Vienna)

  • Washington

- HiveBoxx (Seattle)

- Frog Box (Seattle)

  • Wisconsin

- Madison Green Box (Madison)

We love that there are so many businesses out there like us that are doing what they can to cut down on moving industry waste! If you're still curious about reusable moving boxes check out more articles on our blog. :)


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