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Reusable Moving Boxes Boulder

Are you planning on moving around Boulder?

Are you looking for a better solution for packing up your home?

Well, if you're like most people the answer is, probably.

In this quick article, I'll explain how you can save time, money, and stress by renting reusable moving boxes for your move around Boulder.

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What are reusable moving boxes?

Have you ever been packing up your kitchen and lost the tape? Or accidentally cut your hand on a box? Or have you ever picked up a box just to have the contents of said box stay by your feet?

Yeah, well those aren't problems reusable moving boxes have.

Reusable moving boxes have flip-lid tops that don't require tape to be secured.

They come pre-assembled so you don't have to risk cutting up your hands while building or breaking them down.

And lastly, it's almost impossible for the bottom to fall out on you. I've never seen it happen before, but I bet if you put a couple of hundred pounds in a box and somehow lifted it up there's a small chance the bottom would give in. We don't recommend trying though.

It's not just you who benefits you get from renting reusable moving boxes, the environment benefits from it as well. Our boxes can be used between 300-500 times during their life. When it's time to retire them we send them back to the manufacturer to be recycled.

For cardboard to be used that many times it would have to be shipped around the country and re-processed hundreds of times. Not the best way to move if you're eco-conscious.

How will reusable moving boxes help me more around Boulder?

Four words; delivered and picked up.

I get it, attempting to shove 50 cardboard boxes into your Prius in the middle of a Home Depot parking lot is a good time no matter what way you look at it! Well, only if you don't look at it in any rational way.

Here's a solution. Simply Box'd will deliver moving boxes to your current home and pick them up from your new home.

And that's not the only thing we'll pick up either. To make things even easier, we'll pick up any packing paper and cardboard boxes you may have used during your move and recycle it all for you!

You don't have to stuff your recycling bin full of boxes for the next two months anymore, yay!

When it comes to the actual moving part of your move reusable moving boxes makes things so much easier and faster.

Packing is better because you don't have to build and tape each individual box. You just fill it, close it and stack it in the corner.

Stacking it better because you don't have to worry about what's in each box. There could be four empty boxes holding up one 50 lbs box and no box will get crushed or fall apart.

Loading up a truck is like a giant game of Jenga. Now imagine you're playing Jenga with only square blocks. That's what it's like to use moving boxes from Simply Box'd.

You can cube out a truck much much easier. Stack the boxes to the top and tie them down.

If you're hiring movers this will save you on the hourly rate. We've had customers tell us that it took one trip instead of two because our boxes stacked up in two rows at the front of the truck and they were able to put everything else behind them!

How do I rent reusable moving boxes in Boulder?

Renting moving boxes with Simply Box'd is super simple. You can order online (view moving box packages) or over the phone at 720-919-2597.

We offer five different moving packages to best fit your needs, and if you ever need additional boxes just let us know and we'll bring them out!

Step one: Choose your package.

Step two: Add any additional supplies you may want.

Step three: Enter your delivery and pick-up addresses.

Step four: Choose your delivery and pick up date and time.

Step five: Enter your contact info.

Step six: Enter in payment info.

* All rentals are fully refundable and dates are flexible. So if your new home plans fall through or you need to move the delivery date that's not a problem!

If you have any questions about our checkout process just give us a call at 720-919-2597.

We just need at least 48 hours' notice to get out to you. If you need boxes sooner give us a call and we'll see what we can do!


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