Can you rent reusable moving boxes?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

YES! Renting reusable moving boxes is a great way to move while minimizing your carbon footprint. It also saves time, reduces the hassle of building and taping boxes, and minimizes post-move cleanups. Simply Box’d offers free delivery and pick up in the Boulder/Longmont to the North Denver area.

How do I rent moving boxes?

Renting reusable moving boxes with Simply Box’d is simple and easy. You can order your moving package online or if you’re unsure of how many moving boxes you’ll need; call one of our expert moving consultants to find the best solution for you!

Once you’ve placed your order we will deliver and pick up your moving boxes free of charge. We’ll even recycle all your packing paper and any cardboard boxes you may have used during your move.

Check out our moving box rental packages!

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