Reusable Moving Box Rentals

*Our boxes are cleaned and sanitized before every use.

Renting vs Buying

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Renting boxes from Simply Box'd is 25% cheaper than buying cardboard boxes from a big box store.

Read the full comparison of our two-bedroom moving kit vs their two-bedroom moving kit here.

How It Works

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Schedule online

or over the phone

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Boxes delivered
to your current home

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Pack and move
with ease

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Boxes picked up
from your new home

A Better Way
To Move

Why deal with all the hassle of taping together cardboard boxes just to have the bottom fall out? Instead, use clean and sturdy moving boxes delivered right to your front door. With more time to focus on packing and organization, starting this new chapter of your life can be far less stressful.


Advantages of Using
Reusable Moving Boxes

  • No assembly required

  • Cheaper than cardboard boxes

  • Easy-to-carry design

  • Super durable

  • Water-resistant

  • Stackable

  • Eco-friendly

  • No “which side is up” confusion


From Castle Rock To Berthoud

Additional charges may apply to orders outside of our service area 

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Our Happy Customers

“Great service! Best decision I’ve ever made for a move. The crates were super clean and convenient. The labels and included recyclable paper were the icing on the cake. Mike was super responsive. They even took all my cardboard boxes when they picked up the crates. I’ll be using them anytime I move! Thanks, Mike!”

Skye, April 2021


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