Who are we?

We are a local family-owned business out of Longmont, CO with a passion for helping and a skillset in customer service. Our mission is to reduce the amount of stress you have in one of the most stressful times of your life and we’re happy to be able to do this while using 100% recyclable, eco-friendly materials! As Colorado natives who grew up hiking and camping in our beautiful mountains, we want to do our part to protect our planet.

Our Motto

We chose our name, Simply Box’d, to capture how friendly and stress-free our process is. Personally, we strive to choose paths in our life where the benefits greatly outweigh the stresses. We believe that every action we take should lead to something good and make our lives easier, not harder. This motto is what drove us to create a business that greatly reduces the stress of moving while adding the benefits of speed and security for all of our customers.

Environmental Impact

With experience in the waste management industry, we are familiar with the harsh reality of what actually ends up in landfills. It's disappointing to see the amount of recyclable material that gets put into the ground.


We are proud to say using Simply Box’d reduces your moving waste by 95% and we will recycle the other 5%. 


At the end of the lifecycle of our recyclable boxes, we send them back to the manufacturer to be recycled.


Then also, when we pick up your order, let us know if you ended up utilizing any cardboard to complete your move, and we'll happily recycle it for you! We know moves are stressful and we would love to ease some of the hassle any way that we can. 




7 Days A Week

8am - 6pm

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