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5 Tips For Moving Around Denver In The Winter

Denver is a fantastic city. The entire area is gorgeous, the denizens of Denver are kind, jobs are plentiful, homeownership is still (kind of) attainable, and there’s enjoyable entertainment every which way you look. But moving around the city? That can be tricky, particularly when winter comes knocking and Jack Frost does his thing. However, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help the process go a little smoother. Here are five simple tips that’ll help you have a no-mess and no-stress move this winter.

1. Keep a Close Eye on the Weather

Winter looks great around town, covering everything with a pretty, thick blanket of snow. Yet while that may be great for optics, it can be a total pain to deal with when you’re getting ready to pack your bags and settle down in a new home. After all, heavy boxes and driving plus slick conditions can add up to something very bad.

Just steer clear of this by keeping a close eye on the weather channel before you lock yourself into a moving date. Any days involving lots of snow are best avoided altogether, but it’s also essential to choose a time free of especially frigid days or small amounts of snow that will turn to slush. Refreezing and unsafe temperatures are problematic in their own ways – watch out for them and plan accordingly.

2. Avoid the Holidays

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ōmisoka, the Winter Solstice – whatever you celebrate, it’s a golden opportunity to spend quality time with all the friends and family you love. Lean into that. Hang out with your close inner circle, bake cookies, and prepare for any gift-giving you’ve been wanting to do rather than using up your precious time moving. The break provided by these significant holidays may seem perfect for switching up your living situation, but you’ll regret it in the end.

Not only will it distract you from the festivities and celebrations that should be capturing your full attention, but it’s also the most popular time of year to move in Denver. Movers and homes alike will be in high demand yet short supply, making this change in your life far more difficult than necessary. Instead, opt to move either before the holidays or later in winter when the rush is over. You’ll have greater flexibility then, more housing choices, and less pressure to move fast.

3. Be Smart About Packing

When it comes to the moving process, things can be highly challenging. The current housing market is competitive, supply/demand and inflation have made moving more expensive, and picking up your entire life and going somewhere else – whether only down the street or a place exponentially further away – can be emotionally taxing even if you’re excited about this shift. In addition to all this, moving takes a lot of effort we just don’t have the energy for. Being smart about packing can minimize the effort required, though. Namely, start early.

You should, at minimum, pack up nine days before moving, but sooner is always preferred. But in being thoughtful with your packing, also be sure to focus on what you’re packing, not just when. Be sure to leave out anything you’ll use regularly. A couple of plates, cooking tools, favorite outfits, work clothes, and electronics naturally rise to the top of the list, but in winter, regularly worn jackets, snow boots, walkway shovels, blankets, and any emergency cold-weather gear are absolute essentials to keep close at hand.

4. Don’t Go It Alone

Moving is no joke if you’re doing it yourself or are banking on friends and family as your primary source of assistance. Loading and unloading boxes, unpacking, arranging, and everything surrounding the process takes a significant amount of time and energy, especially if you’re not ground floor or generally have a lot of stairs to contend with. It’s thoroughly exhausting, painful work and work that can get dangerous in winter. Icy walkways, limited daylight hours, and wet, slippery floors already pose a hazard, but while carrying heavy boxes and furniture? The odds of injury are even higher.

Reduce the likelihood of this by simply choosing to hire movers rather than doing the hard work yourself. Sure, it costs a little extra cash, but it’s one of the best decisions you can make when moving house. They’re professionals and can do the job far faster, safer, and more efficiently than you, letting you settle in easier and avoid the nasty hospital bill that’s sure to come if you hit a slick patch hauling in your beloved couch.

5. Avoid Cardboard Boxes

Regardless of if this is your first major move or simply one more in a string of constant relocation, moving never really stops being a massive inconvenience, and Denver’s oft cold or snowy weather doesn’t really do any favors here. Want to make a small portion of it at least a little better? Ditch the cardboard boxes. They may be seen as a cornerstone to the moving experience, but they’re arguably one of its biggest problems, constantly opening, getting smushed and bent, and providing basically no protection from the weather, cold, or accidental drops and bumps.

All the above is super problematic as the days get colder and wetter. The solution? Switch to using containers like those here at Simply Box’d. Water-resistant and very sturdy, they’re much more appropriate for standing up to the Denver weather.

Give us a call or shoot us a message if you have any questions about your move around the Denver area. We can help you out with moving boxes or just recommend some great moving companies!

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Moving during winter months can be a daunting task, but Bloor West Village Movers made it a breeze. From the initial planning to the actual moving day, their team was exceptional. They took extra precautions to protect our belongings from the weather, and everything arrived perfectly.

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